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Garden furniture lounge set

What is a garden furniture lounge set?

A “garden lounge set” is a combination of high-quality garden furniture that forms a lounge group.

A garden lounge set usually consists of the following outdoor furniture:

  • Outdoor lounge chair or lounge center module
  • Outdoor lounge corner module
  • Outdoor lounge stool or lounge footrest
  • Lounge lounger or garden lounger, sun lounger

2 examples of garden furniture lounge sets

 gartenmoebel-lounge-set-2er-sofa gartenmoebel-lounge-set-terrasse

Garden furniture lounge set on a balcony:

2 lounge chairs as a balcony sofa


Garden furniture lounge set on a terrace:
2 lounge corner elements plus 3 lounge chairs


What are the advantages of outdoor lounge sets?

Longe sets consist of various individual elements such as armchairs, corner modules and stools. That is why the individual outdoor furniture elements can be supplemented, reduced and arranged differently depending on your wishes, the occasion and the space available on the balcony, terrace or garden.

For a small balcony you can z. B. Buy 2 armchairs and a stool.

For a large terrace, a lounge set consisting of several middle parts, corner modules and footrests (stools) that can be placed on the terrace in such a way that it fits perfectly. Whether you need several 2-seater sofas, a 4-seater sofa or a 9-seater sofa on the terrace - with garden lounge sets this is no problem.

Lounge sets can also be distributed and put together in the garden as the garden requires.

Compared to the usual 2 or 3-seater balcony sofas, an outdoor furniture set offers maximum freedom for individual use.

Why lounge furniture for the garden?

Anyone who is used to the convenience and design of high-quality lounge furniture in their living room at home would like to use the high level of seating comfort and exclusive design in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace.

The problem: Lounge garden furniture must be weatherproof, moisture-repellent and protected against weathering and dirt.

To solve the problem, many online furniture shops and furniture manufacturers use rattan, polyrattan, teak wood, stainless steel, plastic and other materials. Since rattan, poly rattan, teak wood, stainless steel and plastic are too hard to sit comfortably, cushions are supplied with the outdoor armchairs, garden chairs, garden benches and outdoor sofas, which must be safely stowed away after use and in the rain. A common disadvantage of the solution: The cushions are not comfortable enough and have to be stored separately. A classic design - as with indoor lounge furniture - is difficult to implement with rattan furniture.