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Garden Lounge Set

 Garten Lounge Set auf Terrasse mi 2 Lounge Sitzgruppen

The noble garden lounge set for a pleasant atmosphere in the garden

Exclusive garden furniture creates a special ambience in the garden and on the terrace. The principle here is that the purchase of a high-quality garden lounge set is worthwhile - the careful workmanship, the use of stable materials and the exclusive design are the guarantee for longevity and sustainability. A garden lounge set from meets the expectations you have of an excellent garden lounge set.

What distinguishes a garden lounge set?

The characteristics of a lounge set for the garden are that you can put the set together individually. Corner modules, middle modules and armchairs can be combined with one another as desired. In addition, a garden lounge set can be supplemented with a stool or a footrest. The program also includes garden loungers and sun loungers. This makes it possible to furnish a small balcony just as stylishly as a spacious terrace.

The right garden furniture set for your garden furniture lounge seating groups

If you want to buy the right garden furniture for an outdoor lounge online, there are a few things to consider so that you can enjoy great hours in the open air in a wonderful lounge atmosphere.

If you opt for a fixed lounge group made of polyrattan, you can only set up the seating group as the item is delivered. If, on the other hand, you order a garden furniture set from the individual elements online, you can position the outdoor lounge furniture freely.

That is why april furniture supplies individual modules that you can use individually as a lounge chair, lounge stool and lounge corner or, for example, combine to create a 3-seater balcony sofa or a corner lounge set of any size.          

That means: You can position and relocate all outdoor furniture individually or arrange it into flexible lounge islands. This gives you maximum freedom on your balcony or terrace.

Matching the lounge sets from the LOOP, LOOPY and JAM series, you will find many other lounge garden furniture such as garden tables, side tables, garden chairs, sun loungers, designer awnings and weatherproof lounge cushions at april furniture.


Lounge garden furniture from offers these advantages

Our furniture for the garden captivates with a classic, minimalist design. You get outdoor furniture with a timeless, elegant look. Don't worry that an exclusive garden lounge set could become outdated at some point, with the exclusive design for the highest demands you are on the safe side.

Made in Germany - every garden lounge set from our production impresses with its excellent quality and attractive design. The design comes from the renowned designer Florian Asche. Function and appearance go hand in hand with our furniture for outdoor use. A garden lounge set from combines practical advantages with an attractive appearance.

High level of comfort: You sit and lie as comfortably as you would on high-quality indoor furniture. In the garden and on the terrace you can enjoy the comfort that you are used to from your other furniture. The comfortable upholstery ensures well-being at all times.

The modular construction allows you to arrange lounge chairs, stools and corner modules according to your wishes. Other variants result from the color selection, our garden lounge set is available in twelve attractive colors. The cover fabric is weatherproof, water-repellent and insensitive to stains. A garden lounge set from our manufactory can stand outside in any weather.

You can purchase our lounge sets and outdoor furniture directly in our online shop - without having to go through another middleman. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed stay outdoors!

Garden Lounge Set Loop

lounge corner LOOP lounge corner LOOP
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lounge seat LOOP lounge seat LOOP
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lounge stool LOOP lounge stool LOOP
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