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3-seater designer balcony lounge set JAM

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1 x lounge stool JAM
1 x lounge chair JAM
1 x lounge corner JAM
1 x colored outdoor cushion BOB

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corner element JAM corner element JAM
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lounge chair JAM lounge chair JAM
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garden stool JAM garden stool JAM
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Elegant designer balcony lounge set meets the highest standards

Are you looking for a comfortable, stylish and weatherproof balcony lounge set that you can use to enjoy maximum comfort even on a small balcony? Our 3-piece designer balcony lounge set is completely covered with a weather-resistant fabric and upholstered as well as indoor lounge furniture. The design is unique, reduced to the essentials. The individually usable modules outdoor lounge chair, outdoor lounge stool and outdoor lounge corner can be flexibly positioned on the balcony, terrace or in the garden according to your wishes and the space available. You can choose from 12 attractive colors to set visual accents in your outdoor area.

Flexible balcony lounge set for small balconies
Fixed outdoor corner sofas and garden sofa sets are often bulky and take up a lot of space, especially on smaller balconies. With our 3-piece balcony lounge set JAM, you can enjoy the freedom of placing the comfortable outdoor armchair, stool and sofa corner individually around a table. Or as a corner lounge, as a 3-seater sofa and as a 2-seater sofa plus armchair. Depending on the occasion, you can easily rearrange the individual elements.

Weather-resistant, easy-care garden lounge set with fabric cover
An easy-care garden lounge set that can be left on the balcony, terrace or in the garden all year round in any weather, requires little maintenance and defies the freezing cold, scorching heat and torrential rain, is very comfortable and sets visual highlights, is ideal for outdoor use.

That's why the individual modules of our balcony lounge set JAM are completely covered with a water-repellent, cotton-like Sunbrella fabric from yachting. Advantage: high UV resistance, water-repellent, insensitive to stains and dirt, easy to care for and very comfortable to sit on thanks to the excellent upholstery. Unlike many garden furniture made of rattan, aluminium, plastic or wood, our JAM seating group does not require any additional seat cushions that have to be constantly moved back and forth due to the excellent upholstery.

The 3-part balcony lounge set JAM consists of the individually set-up modules:

1 outdoor lounge chair
1 outdoor lounge stool
1 outdoor lounge sofa corner
1 weatherproof outdoor lounge cushion BOB in the color of the garden lounge set. (Or specify the desired color as a comment at the end of the order.)

It's that easy to order...

Click the Left Icon or Right Icon to set the orientation of the lounge corner frame skids. If the lounge corner is to be placed on the left, select the left symbol. If the lounge corner is to be set up on the right, select the right symbol. When you click on an icon, the image changes accordingly.

Color frame: Choose the desired color of the runners: stainless steel, anthracite, taupe. If you click on a color symbol, the frame color changes accordingly in the image.

Color of fabrics: With a click on a color symbol you select your desired color of the seating group from 12 possible colours.
Once you have determined everything, you can order your 3-piece lounge seating group online.

Do you need help placing an order?

We would be happy to advise you personally: +49 (0)174 985 505 8

further information

Exclusive, 3-part garden lounge set consisting of: 1 outdoor lounge chair 1 outdoor lounge upholstered stool 1 outdoor lounge corner 1 outdoor cushion BOB   Outdoor lounge chair:  Dimensions: width: 89 cm x depth: 95 cm, height with backrest: 73 cm, seat height: 44 cm, seat depth: 65 cm Weight: 20 kg Outdoor lounge upholstered stool:  Measurements: Width: 89cm x Depth: 89cm Seat Height: 44cm Outdoor lounge corner:  Dimensions: width: 95 cm x depth: ... more

Exclusive, 3-part garden lounge set consisting of:

  • 1 outdoor lounge chair
  • 1 outdoor lounge upholstered stool
  • 1 outdoor lounge corner
  • 1 outdoor cushion BOB


Outdoor lounge chair: Dimensions: width: 89 cm x depth: 95 cm, height with backrest: 73 cm, seat height: 44 cm, seat depth: 65 cm Weight: 20 kg

Outdoor lounge upholstered stool: Measurements: Width: 89cm x Depth: 89cm Seat Height: 44cm

Outdoor lounge corner: Dimensions: width: 95 cm x depth: 95 cm, height with backrest 73 cm - seat height: 44 cm

Complete 3 piece garden lounge set

Corner lounge dimensions: Width: 184 cm Depth: 184 cm Height with backrest: 73 cm Seat height: 44 cm Seat depth: 65 cm
Dimensions as a straight 3-seater sofa: Width: 279 cm Depth: 89 cm Height with backrest: 73 cm Seat height: 44 cm Seat depth: 65 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Outdoor lounge cushions

Dimensions and colors: 60 cm x 40 cm, weather-resistant, 12 colors to choose from (please specify desired color when ordering)


  • Combinability: The 3 modules can be set up individually as armchairs, stools and sofa corners or combined as desired
  • Modular: Individual composition as a 3-seater corner sofa, 3-seater sofa, 2-seater sofa + individual element possible
  • Design: Unique, classic-minimalist design directly from the designer. Filigree look with slightly inclined backrests and elegant runners.
  • Weather-resistant: extremely hard-wearing, easy-care, weatherproof, water-repellent, UV-resistant, colour-fast and suitable all year round
  • Upholstery: first-class upholstery as with indoor lounge furniture (no seat pad necessary)
  • Fabric cover: Sunbrella fabric, non-fading, waterproof, impregnated on both sides, seams also sealed from the inside, hard-wearing, stain-resistant, pleasantly soft (similar to cotton and linen)
  • Colors: Available in 12 attractive colors
  • Frame material: Solid tubes with a diameter of 12 mm and a height of 170 mm made of stainless steel, powder-coated on request
  • Frame colours: Skids available in stainless steel and the colors taupe and anthracite
  • Quality: High-quality design "Made in Germany"
  • Special feature: Extremely hard-wearing, easy-care, weatherproof, UV-resistant, colorfast - can stay outside permanently
  • Individual modules: The outdoor armchair can be flexibly combined with the sofa corner and the upholstered stool module to form garden furniture sets of any size
  • Suitability: Due to the flexible installation options, the JAM outdoor furniture series is also suitable for small balconies, small terraces, crooked roof terraces, conservatories and indoor areas.

ordering help

You can order the JAM corner module with the "left" side rest or with the right side rest - just how you would like to use the corner element later.


corner module left Wetterfeste Luxus Gartenmöbel auf Balkon am Pool corner module right Luxus Outdoormöbel auf Terrasse

Modern designer balcony lounge set JAM

Our designer lounge set JAM is characterized by a uniquely filigree design that is reduced to the essentials and will not go out of style so quickly. The slightly inclined backrests and the filigree skid frame create an airy, light look that is not overwhelming. With a choice of 12 attractive colors, additional interesting visual accents can be set that pleasantly break through the monotony of conventional garden furniture. Each element was specially developed by the designer and is handcrafted in small factories in "Made in Germany" quality.

You have the choice of setting your own visual accents on the balcony, terrace, by the pool or in the garden with 12 attractive colours. Enjoy the reduced design garden furniture lounge set JAM in the style of timeless furniture classics.

Advantages of the 3-part balcony lounge set JAM:

  • The 3 balcony lounge modules can be combined as desired
  • The outdoor lounge modules armchair, stool and corner element can be used individually
  • Outdoor lounge set with water-repellent fabric cover
  • High-quality outdoor upholstery for maximum comfort
  • Weatherproof balcony lounge set can stay outside in any weather
  • Easy-care, stain-resistant outdoor lounge furniture
  • Balcony lounge set can be ordered in 12 attractive colours
  • In addition, a weatherproof outdoor lounge cushion in 12 colors to choose from
  • Exclusive balcony seating group straight from the designer
  • "Made in Germany": handcrafted in small German factories
  • Sustainable: short distances, fast delivery times
  • Outstanding price-value ratio due to in-house production and direct sales
  • Good advice and personal order service when purchasing

The JAM balcony lounge set is masterfully crafted in small German furniture manufacturers.

The particularly undemanding Sunbrella fabric is UV-resistant, non-fading and well protected against weathering and dirt, so that you can enjoy the 3-piece set for a long time. garden lounge will have.

Anyone looking for "balcony seating group" should opt for a modular lounge furniture set for the balcony and garden if possible. Because a modular, 3-piece garden furniture set gives you the opportunity to place the individual outdoor furniture lounge chairs, lounge stools and corner chair modules in the way that is best on your balcony, terrace or in the garden.

In contrast to many poly rattan seating groups, the garden furniture set from april furniture consists of individual modules that are not rigidly connected, but can be put together to form any sets and balcony sofas. Another advantage: you can position balcony lounge sets according to the occasion.

If you are looking for a balcony lounge set that meets the highest standards of comfort, style and weather resistance, then the 3-piece designer "JAM" balcony lounge set from april furniture could be just the thing for you. Specially designed for the balcony, this elegant set offers maximum comfort, even on a small balcony. With space for 3 people, it is ideal for enjoying relaxing hours outdoors with friends or family.

The "JAM" balcony lounge set not only impresses with its functionality, but also with its stylish design. The upholstery is comfortable and ensures comfortable sitting. The modules of the 3-piece balcony lounge set are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and weather-resistant. This means you can leave the set outside in all weather conditions without damaging it.

The 3-piece "JAM" balcony lounge set from april furniture meets the requirements for a high-quality and comfortable lounge set for your balcony. With its stylish design, ability to accommodate 3 people and comfortable cushions, it is an excellent choice to turn your balcony into a cozy and stylish outdoor oasis.

A 3-piece balcony furniture lounge set is ideal for small balconies or terraces and still offers enough space for 3 people. The compact 3-piece LOOPY seating group allows you to enjoy the sun and create a cozy atmosphere outdoors. The lounge set is equipped with comfortable cushions that ensure comfort and relaxation.

The small balcony lounge set allows you to transform your terrace into a stylish garden lounge and fully enjoy your time outdoors. With a 3-piece balcony furniture lounge set, you have all the furniture you need for comfortable outdoor seating and you can make optimal use of the space on your balcony.

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