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Outdoor Upholstered Chair KLA

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Outdoor Lounge Upholstered Chair KLA

Super comfortable Outdoor Dining Chair

The Outdoor Dining Chair is the ideal balcony chair for communal dinners, receptions, birthday parties, game nights, dinner parties or conversation rounds. With its comfortable upholstery of the seat and the backrest and the pleasant seat height of 49 cm, the Outdoor Dining Chair KLA provides pleasant seating comfort when sitting together at the garden table.

Modern garden chair in exclusive design for highest demands

The design of the exclusive Outdoor Lounge Chair KLA convinces with clear lines and a minimalist design, which embodies classic modernity through its reduced formal language, which still sets visual standards even after years.

Comfortable, weatherproof upholstered garden chair

If you are looking for a comfortable outdoor upholstered chair for the balcony or terrace, you will often only find garden chairs, garden armchairs, stacking chairs and folding chairs made of wood, plastic, metal or polyrattan. Usually, these garden chairs require an extra upholstered liner, which has to be laboriously stowed away indoors every evening and when it rains.

Our exclusive outdoor lounge upholstered chair KLA opens up a whole new dimension for discerning outdoor fans. This is because the seat and backrest of our outdoor upholstered chair KLA are completely covered with a weatherproof, waterproof, cotton-like upholstered fabric.

This has the advantage that the Outdoor Dining Chair can be left outside all year round in wind and weather without any problems. Second advantage: The Outdoor Upholstered Chair is excellently upholstered, so that you can sit together for hours quite comfortably and very conveniently on the balcony or terrace while eating, celebrating or enjoying a cosy get-together. There is no need to carry upholstered cushions, garden chair cushions, seat pads or seat cushions for the seating areas back and forth, as the outdoor lounge chair offers excellent seating comfort right from the start thanks to its high-quality upholstery.


Small balcony chair with high seating comfort

For smaller balconies or roof terraces, there were previously only balcony chairs made of polyrattan, wood, plastic and aluminium as folding chairs or stacking chairs. The KLA upholstered garden chair fills a gap here. On the one hand, it offers a very high seating comfort almost like a lounge chair. On the other hand, it convinces with very small dimensions of only 47 cm width and 56 cm depth. This makes the small balcony chair KLA ideal for smaller balconies and terraces.

Durable, weather-resistant upholstered garden chair

The outdoor lounge upholstered chair by april furniture is UV-resistant, water-resistant, rust-resistant and stain-resistant. That means: rain, snow, ice, dirt, dust, strong sunlight or soiling by food and drinks cannot harm our outdoor lounge chair KLA so quickly. You can save yourself the hassle of removing the seat cushions every time it rains.


Product data of the outdoor lounge upholstered chair KLA

Upholstered garden chair without backrest

Gartenmöbel DESIGN: Florian Asche, 2021

  • Features: comfortably upholstered, weatherproof, space-saving
  • Height with backrest: 85 cm
  • Seat height: 49 cm
  • width: 47 cm
  • Depth: 56 cm
  • Material: waterproof, high-quality upholstered fabric
  • Chair legs: powder-coated, rust-resistant aluminium
  • 2 fabric colours selectable: taupe, anthracite

  Can be combined with: TEE dining table, VAL dining table, TRUE side table, FOLD side table, LOOP lounge and KLA upholstered chair with armrest.

further information

The lounge garden furniture series by april furniture form a design family in which the individual lounge furniture can be ideally combined. That is why our outdoor lounge chair is an ideal match for the VAL, BAAB and TEE precious metal, aluminium and ceramic garden tables.


If you would like to sit on an upholstered garden bench or a lounge garden chair with armrests, you can create a harmonious garden furniture ensemble together with our KLA lounge upholstered chair. With our garden dining group, you have the choice between an upholstered garden bench without backrest, an upholstered garden bench with backrest, upholstered garden chairs without backrest and upholstered garden chairs with backrest - from the KLA and CHER collections. Since all garden furniture collections speak the same design language, all lounge garden furniture can be perfectly combined into sets.

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