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Lounge Pouf JOJ 90

Lounge Pouf JOJ 90
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Lounge outdoor pouf JOJ 90

Practical outdoor pouf lounge stool for balcony, terrace, indoor

Our practical outdoor pouf JOJ 90 is very flexible as a practical outdoor seat. Anyone looking for a pouf beanbag, a garden seat cushion or a weatherproof outdoor lounge stool - will delight in our high-quality outdoor pouf.

Our outdoor pouf is very comfortable and weatherproof

With a diameter of 90 cm and a seat height of 40 cm, our circular pouf stool JOJ is an all-rounder. Whether as a lounge stool, comfortable footrest or as a quick replacement for a table - the pouf is extremely flexible.

Thanks to the high-quality upholstery, you can enjoy an extremely high level of seating comfort. It is very practical that the outdoor pouf is extremely weatherproof, so it can be left outside on the balcony, terrace or in the garden day and night in any weather. Rain, snow, frost or blazing sunshine can hardly harm the pouf.

At the same time, the cotton-like fabric from yacht building is insensitive to dirt and is cozy and pleasant for the skin. The outdoor pouf JOJ was designed as a one-off by the designer Florian Asche. Through the combination of clear shapes, high-quality fabric and elegant runners, the circular lounge stool conveys the elegant functionality of modern lounge furniture.

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Elegant outdoor pouf - practical for the balcony, roof terrace and garden more

Elegant outdoor pouf - practical for the balcony, roof terrace and garden

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