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Tablett Jeeves

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Jeeves tray 47.2 x 32.4 cm

Noble designer garden furniture tray

The JEEVES tray replaces the side table for your fabric lounge garden furniture. Place the tray directly on the lounge furniture in your immediate vicinity. The water- and dirt-resistant Sunbrella® fabric will not be damaged, even if a glass should tip over. You save yourself the purchase of a small table by simply placing the Oudoor Couch tray on the lounge garden sofa.


Material of the outdoor designer tray JEEVES

The JEEVES tray is made of aluminum. The aluminum is pressed over a tool so that it gets its shape. First, the surface is brushed. Then the surface is galvanized. During electroplating, the color is well fixed to the material. The result is a relatively scratch-resistant surface on the tablet. Glasses and plates leave only a few marks.

Shape and color of the outdoor designer tray JEEVES

There are two rectangular and one square JEEVES tray. You can choose from four different colors for all trays: aluminum, copper, brass or black.

Sizes of the outdoor designer tray JEEVES

Our tray is available in the following three sizes:

• The largest tray is rectangular with the dimensions 47.2 cm x 32.4 cm.
• The medium-sized tray is rectangular with the dimensions 31.8 cm x 24.7 cm.
• The small tray is square with the dimensions 16.8 cm x 16.8 cm.

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