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Shipping costs

Within Germany we deliver free of charge

All of our items are shipped free of charge within Germany. So you can easily order and save expensive shipping costs!

Shipping costs for deliveries abroad

For deliveries outside of Germany, shipping costs are in addition to the goods prices. The details of the shipping costs can be found in this shipping cost list. The shipping costs will be displayed again before you submit your order.


Austria: 70 € / piece

Switzerland, Benelux, Czech Republic: 80 € / piece

France, Spain, Italy, Portogallo, Poland: 110 € / piece

Spanisch Islands, Skandinavia: 140 € / piece


Austria: 150 € / piece

Switzerland, Benelux, Czech Republic: 180 € / piece

France, Spain, Italy, Portogallo, Poland: 280 € / piece

Spanisch Islands, Skandinavia: 350 € / piece

Cushions, covers, trays

Austria: 9 € / piece

Switzerland, Benelux, Czech Republic: 9 € / piece

France, Spain, Italy, Portogallo, Poland: 9 € / piece 

Spanisch Islands, Skandinavia: 9 € / piece


For deliveries to countries outside the EU, customs duties and import sales tax may be levied. For deliveries to Switzerland, our sales price is to be calculated excluding VAT, while the local sales tax is charged for imports into Switzerland. The import sales tax is not part of our sales prices, as it is not collected by us.

The customs duties are to be borne by the recipient in the respective country of delivery upon delivery on site and the amount varies depending on the value of the goods delivered. Customers with delivery addresses outside the EU should find out about this in advance from their competent customs authority.