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Garden furniture lounge

Gartenmöbel Lounge -Was ist das?


What is a garden furniture lounge?

"GARDEN FURNITURE LOUNGE is a cozy outdoor relaxation oasis in the garden, on the balcony, terrace or roof terrace."


The term “LOUNGE” originally comes from gastronomy and describes a lounge and reception hall in an exclusive hotel, in which guests can make themselves comfortable on lounge furniture.


A garden furniture lounge can consist of the following outdoor lounge furniture:

Fixed lounge group: arrangement of outdoor sofas, outdoor armchairs, table, chairs, bench.

Lounge garden furniture set: Variable set of outdoor lounge chairs, garden stools and corner modules.
Individual lounge garden furniture such as: armchairs, stools, dining table, lounge bench, dining lounge, seating area.
Lounge island: balcony sofa with roof and cushions (often made of rattan wickerwork)

What material is a lounge garden furniture made of?

The lounge furniture in a garden lounge is often made of rattan, poly rattan (plastic), metal, wood, and aluminum. A garden lounge made of rattan or polyrattan also needs seat pads and cushions.

More exclusive designer outdoor lounges make it possible to enjoy the usual seating comfort and the design of indoor lounge furniture (living room couch, lounge chair) on the balcony, terrace or in the garden.

Examples of exclusive garden furniture lounges in connection with flexible modules

Design Gartenmöbel Lounge auf Terrasse

Weatherproof lounge garden furniture set on the terrace: Several people sit comfortably on a garden furniture lounge on a terrace above the sea

Wetterfeste Lounge Gartenmöbel

Weatherproof lounge garden furniture can even remain on the balcony when it is snowing!

Enjoy the sun and the evening relaxed in the garden with comfortable lounge furniture

What could be nicer than enjoying a warm summer evening with family or friends in the pleasant evening sun in the garden or on the balcony!

Even better: Experience the outdoor feeling on wonderfully comfortable lounge furniture that has the same comfort and wonderfully soft upholstery as your living room sofa and your upholstered armchairs in the living area.

Comfortable upholstered furniture for the outdoor area with an excellent design

With a special trick, the furniture designer Florian Asche has achieved the feat of making the seating comfort and the design of indoor lounges possible also in the outdoor area.

Thanks to a particularly weatherproof and at the same time pleasantly soft, cotton-like fabric from yacht construction, it was possible to completely cover individual lounge chairs, garden stools and corner modules with the water-repellent “wonder fabric”.

This has 6 convincing advantages for buyers of garden furniture:

  1. Thanks to the complete coating with the water-repellent fabric, the lounge furniture can easily remain outside on the balcony or in the garden in wind and weather and does not have to be cleared away or covered in bad weather.
  2. At the same time, the entire fabric cover allows high-quality upholstery as used in exclusive lounge furniture in living rooms. This makes the lounge garden furniture from april furniture particularly comfortable and offers pleasant sitting and lying comfort.
  3. Resistant to stains: The fabric developed in yachting is particularly resistant to stains, so that dust and leaves are no problem for the lounge set, as is a spilled red wine at a summer night party.
  4. Because the furniture does not consist of 2 parts - as with poly rattan furniture, it was possible to implement a classically elegant furniture design that is otherwise only known from design classics among indoor lounge furniture. The minimalist design embodies a design style that meets even the highest demands.
  5. Lounge garden furniture sets: The special construction of the outdoor furniture also enables the production of the 3 basic modules "armchair", "stool" (without backrest) and "corner element". The basic elements can be combined and supplemented in any number and shape. This allows you to flexibly design your garden lounge according to the external conditions or the occasion. Whether a small balcony, a huge terrace, a winding garden, a large party or a cozy evening in a small circle - thanks to the modules, the garden furniture can be arranged as you need it.
  6. Free choice of colour! Lounge sets made of polyrattan are often only offered in brown or gray. By using the special fabric as the material for the furniture cover, customers can buy the design lounge garden furniture from april furniture in up to 6 muted colors - from gray to beige to brown tones - for the same price.

Enjoy the freedom of living in the garden!

With the modular outdoor lounge furniture from april furniture, you can enjoy life outdoors to the fullest: Whether you want to lounge in the sun, celebrate a cocktail party, have a good time with coffee and cake or just with the family relax - our outdoor designer furniture makes it possible.


Here you will find an overview of the design garden furniture from the furniture manufacturer april furniture Design garden furniture

Design garden furniture

corner element JAM corner element JAM
From €2,090.00 *
lounge chair JAM lounge chair JAM
From €1,890.00 *
garden stool JAM garden stool JAM
From €1,590.00 *
lounge corner LOOP lounge corner LOOP
From €1,790.00 *
lounge seat LOOP lounge seat LOOP
From €1,590.00 *
lounge stool LOOP lounge stool LOOP
From €1,290.00 *
lounge chair LOOPY lounge chair LOOPY
From €1,690.00 *
From €1,190.00 *
From €4,350.00 *