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Lounge furniture

What is lounge furniture?

Originally, "lounge furniture" was mainly used in a bar, cocktail bar, hotel lounge, hotel lobby, in the reception area, in an airport lounge, a waiting room, common room or even a private lounge (in the living room).

Lounge furniture is understood to be: high-quality upholstered furniture in an exclusive design that offers a high level of seating comfort.

Lounge furniture is modern furniture that encourages relaxed sitting and communicating in a casual atmosphere. Underlined with light lounge music, a feel-good atmosphere is created for lounge users.

Outdoor living thanks to modern lounge furniture

Today, the term “lounge furniture” is generally understood to mean exclusive garden furniture. While garden furniture was more practical but uncomfortable just a few years ago, more and more garden furniture buyers feel the need to achieve a high level of living comfort on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. So living room, lounge feeling also outdoors instead of having to sit on spartan plastic furniture (polyrattan).

Modern materials have made it possible to move the living room outside

Thanks to special weatherproof, water-repellent, stain-repellent, dirt-resistant and resistant fabrics, it will be possible in 2018 to enjoy the same living and sitting comfort outdoors as in the living room.
Garden furniture set for balconies with people

Instead of rattan furniture or polyrattan furniture: upholstered lounge furniture made of fabric

The latest trend is upholstered lounge furniture made of a particularly resistant fabric, as used by the furniture manufacturer april furniture.

By using a particularly water-repellent cotton fabric, the furniture designer Florian Asche was able to design “real” lounge furniture for the outdoor area.

This new type of lounge garden furniture does not consist of 2 parts like the usual polyrattan furniture, outdoor wooden furniture or metal garden furniture. For example, from a woven polyrattan frame and upholstery. At april furniture, every outdoor armchair, garden stool and corner module is completely covered with fabric (except for the runners).

As a result, the lounge garden furniture is completely protected so that it can be left on the balcony or terrace in any weather. Summer and winter! It is therefore no longer necessary to clear and clean lounge furniture or cushions.
Lounge chair and garden stool LOOP with colorful cushions BOB on a terrace in Switzerland

Exclusive lounge furniture now also in the outdoor area

At the same time, this design principle offers some convincing advantages:

  1. a minimalist, classic and modern lounge furniture design
  2. a high-quality upholstery as in indoor lounge chairs and sofas
  3. individual modules armchair, middle element, corner element, which can be put together to form sets of any arrangement and size
  4. Particularly insensitive outdoor furniture that can be left on the terrace or balcony all year round

Tips for buying lounge furniture online

  1. Dimensions: First measure the available space on your balcony, terrace, roof terrace or in the garden. It is best to make a sketch of where which armchair, which sofa and which stool should be. Don't forget about the space for a table.
  2. Material: Would you like a particularly weatherproof material that can be left outside even when it rains? Would you like to enjoy your garden furniture for a long time? Check whether the garden furniture made of rattan, polyrattan, aluminum, metal, wood or fabric meets your requirements.
  3. Comfort: Would you like to sit particularly comfortably? Enjoy good upholstery like that of a living room coach? Or is a polyrattan set with the usual requirements sufficient for you?
  4. Modern design: Wouldn't you like to do without modern furniture design in the outdoor area too? That is representative and can become a timeless design classic? Or do you not value furniture design?
  5. Price: Should it be cheap plastic furniture made of polyrattan? Or high-quality upholstered furniture that you will enjoy for years? And who hardly need any maintenance?
  6. Practical: Do you want complete lounge sets and lounge sofas that cannot be moved? Or would you prefer a modular system of individual lounge chairs, lounge corners and lounge stools that can be arranged in any set?

The correct use of lounge furniture

The main purpose of lounge garden furniture is that users and guests can enjoy life outdoors on the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. In order to achieve a high level of sitting and lying comfort in the armchairs and sofas, the seat height is naturally lower than that of garden chairs.

Sitting together with friends or family over a cocktail, celebrating a party, having a coffee or just enjoying the sun or after work - that puts you in a good mood with lounge furniture.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a sumptuous lunch or dinner at a richly laid table, you should think of a higher table and garden chairs in addition to the lounge furniture.

There are numerous variants of garden furniture: lounge islands, sun islands, garden sofas, balcony sofas, lounge sets, 3-seater sofas, 4-seater sofas, garden lounges, loveseats, chaise longues, and, and, and. Disadvantage: You are often set!

With a flexible set with individual modules, on the other hand, the individual lounge chairs, lounge stools and lounge corners can be positioned and arranged in a way that is ideal for the individual space and the occasion (party, birthday, sunbathing, relaxing, ...).

Exclusive outdoor furniture in a modern lounge design creates a relaxed holiday and leisure feeling that makes outdoor life something special.

Here you will find an overview of lounge garden furniture that you can buy online