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Lounge garden furniture


Buying tips: Which lounge garden furniture to buy in the online shop?

When buying outdoor furniture, there are a few things to consider if everything should fit and you want to enjoy the new garden furniture for a long time. First you should clarify how the space is on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. It is best to record or write down the dimensions of the terrace, balcony or garden.

Then you should think about why you want to use the outdoor furniture mainly: for evenings with family and friends in the open air? For sunbathing? Or rather for dinner?

The next question is the material. Do I want comfortable upholstered fabric lounge furniture? Do I want weatherproof outdoor furniture? Or should it be outdoor furniture made of metal, aluminum, wood or plastic (poly rattan lounge)?

Do I prefer inexpensive or exclusive design outdoor furniture? Do I want firmly screwed garden furniture sets or lounge sets that can be set up flexibly?


 Lounge Gartenmöbel LOOP
  • Table of contents
    1. Advantages of lounge patio furniture
    2. What is lounge garden furniture
    3. hat types are there
    4. Outdoor furniture differences
    5. The special thing about designer garden furniture
    6. Why buy a flexible lounge set
    7. Maintain and clean outdoor furniture
    8. Polyrattan garden furniture as a lounge?
    9. Buy lounge garden furniture online

Advantages of the lounge garden furniture from april furniture

At april furniture you get comfortably upholstered lounge garden furniture in an exclusive design that is absolutely weatherproof and very functional.

The lounge garden furniture sets of the 3 series LOOP, LOOPY and JAM each consist of 3 basic modules: lounge chair (with backrest), lounge stool (without backrest) and lounge corner (with 2 backrests), which can be added to and combined as required. With the individual modules, you can put together lounge groups and lounge islands as you wish.

Whether as a 2-seater sofa, a corner lounge, a 12-piece or 20-piece lounge set, a 2-seater or 3-seater balcony sofa or armchairs, stools, corner elements positioned individually - everything is possible. And everything can be easily rearranged on different occasions.

Definition: What is the term used for "lounge garden furniture"

Lounge garden furniture, exclusive garden furniture

Lounge comes from English and means: "lounge". “Lounge” is generally used to describe an exclusive waiting or common room in hotels, bars, clubs, trains, airports, and restaurants.

In the field of furniture design, the term “lounge” was used as early as 1956 by furniture designers from the furniture company HERMAN MILLER for a “lounge chair”.

"Garden furniture" means furniture especially for the garden, balcony or terrace that is suitable for outdoor use (weatherproof).

Definition of "lounge garden furniture"

"Lounge garden furniture" is therefore understood to mean:
"Exclusive outdoor furniture with an attractive design that is particularly high-quality, weatherproof, functional, comfortable and representative".

A particular challenge with garden furniture is to ensure functionality and durability. Garden furniture should be particularly weatherproof, insensitive to dirt, space-saving, easy and flexible to adjust and provide the owners with long-term pleasure.

In the case of “lounge garden furniture”, there is also the fact that an excellent furniture design, a representative appearance and pleasant, comfortable use are required.

What types of lounge patio furniture are there?


The lounge garden furniture includes: lounge furniture sets, lounge groups, lounge sofas, lounge corners, lounge chairs.
Sun sails, awnings and parasols are only part of the garden furniture.
In terms of type, a distinction is made in particular between wooden garden furniture, metal garden furniture and rattan garden furniture or polyrattan garden furniture.

Example of a lounge garden furniture set with: lounge chair, garden stool and lounge corner

How is lounge garden furniture different?

If you want to buy patio furniture, garden furniture, seating groups or lounge sets online, you can choose from numerous garden lounge furniture of all kinds. First of all, you can buy garden furniture made of different materials.

There is garden furniture made of rattan, poly rattan, metal, aluminum, wood and plastic. The various outdoor furniture differ particularly in terms of price, size, seating comfort, quality, weather resistance and variability.
Many rattan lounges made of wicker, for example, are supplied as fixed garden furniture sets, which essentially consist of an outdoor 3-seater or 4-seater corner sofa, the parts of which are inextricably linked.

A typical lounge set from april furniture, on the other hand, consists of the 3 individual elements that can be set up individually on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. In addition, the individual armchairs, stools and corner elements can be perfectly arranged into seating groups and garden sofas, whether 3-part, 4-part or 10-part - everything is possible.

Polyrattan outdoor furniture usually consists of a plastic mesh body and a separate seat pad. While the polyrattan wickerwork is weatherproof and can be left outside, the seat pads often have to be brought in when it rains.

The outdoor armchairs, upholstered stools and lounge corners by the designer Florian Asche, on the other hand, consist of a well-padded body completely covered with weatherproof fabric. Advantage: high seating comfort and very good weather resistance. That means: the lounge set can always be left outside without any problems. in wind, rain and even in snow!

The lounge sets for the garden can be supplemented with other garden furniture such as: garden benches, garden chairs, tables, sun loungers, awnings and lounge cushions.

The special thing about "designer garden furniture".

Designer garden furniture is also characterized by a particularly aesthetic design and often by special materials.
The furniture designer Florian Asche from april furniture, for example, used high-quality materials from the sailing and yacht sector in the development of a new generation of lounge garden furniture.

The particular advantages of this designer furniture in the outdoor area: very high quality appearance, particularly skin-friendly and extremely weatherproof and dirt-repellent.
In addition, the special fabric from boat and yacht building allows a particularly minimalist outdoor furniture design with maximum flexibility.

Here you will find an overview of the april furniture Lounge garden furniture sets

Why should you buy a lounge seating group as a flexible lounge set?

You can buy a lounge set online at many online shops. However, these lounge sets usually consist of a fixed lounge seating group, which for example consists of a 3-seater corner sofa, an outdoor armchair and an aluminum table. Often this lounge furniture is offered at a low price. Disadvantage of these fixed lounge seating groups: You cannot combine the individual parts of the balcony sofa in any other way.

In contrast, a lounge set at april furniture consists of any number of outdoor armchairs, sofa corners and outdoor upholstered stools. You can buy any number of these 3 basic elements and combine them as required or desired.
Whether you combine 3 outdoor armchairs into a chic 3-seater balcony sofa, group the armchairs individually around a table or combine a corner sofa, 2 armchairs and a stool to form a 4-part corner sofa, you have all options.
Depending on the local conditions, you can arrange your individual lounge landscapes on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. For a celebration, for example, you can create a large lounge seating area. And for other occasions 2 smaller lounge sofas.

The garden furniture in our lounge sets is available in 12 attractive colors - from brown, gray and beige to blue and red tones.
The material: The lounge furniture in our lounge sets is covered with a particularly resistant, cotton-like 

Maintain and clean outdoor furniture

The lounge outdoor furniture from april furniture is completely covered with a weather-resistant fabric from yacht construction. This is why our exclusive outdoor furniture can easily be left on the terrace or in the garden all year round - even in snow, ice and rain. The dirt-repellent upholstery of the lounge furniture can be cleaned very easily with soap. Even red wine or chocolate stains are quickly removed.

Polyrattan garden furniture as a polyrattan lounge?

If you want to buy a garden lounge seating group, you can choose from numerous polyrattan garden furniture. Polyrattan lounge garden furniture is usually offered as a fixed seating group. The plastic seating groups usually consist of 3-part, 4-part or 5-part sofa groups or lounge corners made of wickerwork and cushions. Some items also include a lounge chair, lounge stool and a table.

Disadvantage: The fixed lounge corners are relatively bulky and cannot be adjusted.

The garden furniture lounge sets by april furniture, on the other hand, consist of the individual modules lounge chair, lounge stool and lounge corner. These 3 basic modules can be combined, rearranged, supplemented or reduced by elements as required. So you can put together lounge sets of different sizes and compositions depending on your mood and the occasion (party, reception, relaxation).

Whether you have a smaller balcony or a corner terrace - the outdoor lounge sets from april furniture can be flexibly distributed and adapted. A garden lounge set made of individual modules is very practical and versatile on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. Whether you need a small 2-seater lounge sofa or several lounge sets in the same style - at april furniture you will find exclusive and functional lounge garden furniture that meets the highest requirements!

All lounge garden furniture at a glance


Lounge garden furniture

corner element JAM corner element JAM
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lounge chair JAM lounge chair JAM
From €1,890.00 *
garden stool JAM garden stool JAM
From €1,590.00 *
lounge corner LOOP lounge corner LOOP
From €1,790.00 *
lounge seat LOOP lounge seat LOOP
From €1,590.00 *
lounge stool LOOP lounge stool LOOP
From €1,290.00 *
lounge chair LOOPY lounge chair LOOPY
From €1,690.00 *
From €1,190.00 *
From €4,350.00 *