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Lounge corner

The lounge corner is the corner connecting element for our high-quality outdoor lounge furniture. Regardless of whether you opt for the design series LOOP, LOOPY or JAM by the designer Florian Asche - the outdoor lounge corner is available to you in all designs.

2 Garten Lounge Ecken plus Outdoor Mittel Sessel

Image: 2 garden lounge corners with an ottoman in the middle to create an exclusive balcony sofa

A modular garden lounge with a lounge furniture set

Most online shops only have lounge seating groups, lounge sofas and garden lounges that are firmly connected to each other. This applies in particular to poly rattan seating groups and poly rattan lounges, but also lounge sets made of aluminum and wood.

In contrast, april furniture offers lounge sets that can be variably arranged

Each of the 3 offered lounge sets LOOP, LOOPY and JAM consists of the 3 basic modules lounge chair, lounge stool and lounge corner. All 3 lounge furniture outdoor modules can be combined as desired and put together to create lounge islands or lounge landscapes.
Advantage: You can set up the outdoor armchairs, stools and sofa corners individually or, depending on the space available, arrange them into 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-seater outdoor sofas.

With a corner lounge set of 3 lounge corners you can e.g. B. form a small 2-seater balcony sofa. And with 4 armchair elements and a corner element, you can create a 5-seater lounge corner from the 5 elements. In this way, any number of seating groups can be formed.

Our lounge corners are available in 12 different colors

Lounge Ecke LOOPLounge Ecke LOOPLounge Ecke LOOP


Picture 3 lounge corners in different colors

Lounge corner terrace

If you are looking for a lounge corner for your terrace, you should measure the space beforehand so that you know how much space there is. In our online shop we offer flexible lounge garden furniture sets, which consist of the 3 basic modules outdoor armchair, ottoman and lounge corner. Advantage: You can set up the individual modules armchair, stool and corner sofa separately or combine them to form a multi-part balcony sofa. This allows you to flexibly adapt the outdoor lounge furniture to your space and arrange it around a table

Customize the garden sofa landscape with the lounge corner

A lounge group offers plenty of space on your terrace. Thanks to the lounge corner, the seating group can be aligned to the left or right if desired. You can buy our lounge furniture in modular design according to your individual ideas and convert it on site in just a few simple steps.

A lounge corner sofa consists of different sofa elements that are arranged at right angles. The seating furniture is connected to one another through the lounge corner. The combination of two lounge chairs and a lounge stool is popular. A larger variant consists, for example, of three lounge chairs and two lounge stools as a chaise longue.

Our lounge corner armchair, the lounge middle armchair and the lounge stool form the basic lounge set that can be expanded at any time. In addition, the garden furniture lounge set can be supplemented with outdoor trays, garden tables, side tables and lounge cushions.

Exclusive designer garden furniture sets in 12 colors

The sets consisting of a garden lounge corner, garden lounge chair and garden lounge stool are not only available in one color - as is usual with garden furniture made of polyrattan wickerwork. Customers of our online shop can choose from 12 attractive colors to integrate the lounge garden furniture into the predominant color design.

Design Gartenmöbel Set in 12 Farben online bestellbar

Our outdoor lounge corner is as comfortable as a living room sofa

A lounge corner is therefore a versatile piece of furniture with which you can configure and assemble your lounge group according to your individual ideas. Our comfortably upholstered designer garden furniture offers you the same comfort as the sofa in your living room - they are weatherproof and are characterized by low maintenance.

Modular lounge corner for the garden and balcony

You can group one or more garden lounge corners together with our lounge chair and lounge stool as individual elements around an outdoor lounge table. Thanks to the modular system, you can also arrange our garden lounge corners - together with the lounge armchairs and lounge stools - to form a lounge seating group or lounge sofas. Whether as a 2-seater sofa or a 20-piece lounge garden furniture set - everything is possible.

Seating group, garden furniture set or lounge set sofa

A modular lounge set has many advantages over rigid seating groups and garden furniture sets. The main advantage of lounge sets: You can position the individual garden furniture modules as you want, or as the conditions on the balcony or terrace require. Rattan garden furniture, on the other hand, is usually supplied as a fixed set that cannot be regrouped. A flexible premium lounge set from april furniture also has the advantage that all garden furniture is perfectly coordinated. Matching sun loungers, outdoor chaise longues, poufs, aluminum tables, side tables, benches and ottoman can be ordered online for the lounge seating group. Free shipping within Germany is also particularly advantageous.

Buy an outdoor lounge corner

The outdoor sofa corner offers you incomparable seating comfort. It is just as comfortably upholstered as indoor furniture. The covers are made of weatherproof, robust fabric. They cannot be compared with standard garden furniture made of wickerwork such as polyrattan or rattan or made of wood such as teak or acacia wood. Thanks to the modular design, there are many possible combinations. The lounge corner can be ordered in all design series in many beautiful colors and with different fabric structures.

Convince yourself of the exclusive outdoor furniture by the designer Florian Asche. The outdoor upholstered furniture made in Germany is not only characterized by its modern and elegant design and versatile combination options, but also by its high quality of workmanship and durability. The easy online ordering in our online shop and free shipping of outdoor furniture in Germany is another advantage.

Design garden furniture sets
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