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Outdoor lounge furniture

What are the characteristics of outdoor furniture?

In general, a distinction has to be made between “outdoor lounge furniture” and “outdoor furniture”.

The term “outdoor furniture” includes all garden furniture, balcony furniture and patio furniture that is available. So outdoor tables, garden benches, outdoor chairs, outdoor armchairs, outdoor sets, garden stools, sun loungers, parasols, balcony chairs, garden loungers, awnings, deck chairs, balcony sofas, garden furniture sets.

The special thing about outdoor furniture is that it should be weatherproof so that you can stay outside on the balcony, terrace or in the garden even in the rain or in the blazing sun. That is why outdoor furniture is made from materials that are as weatherproof as possible. In particular made of polyrattan. Polyrattan has the advantage that it is light and can withstand rain and moisture well. However, poly rattan (unlike rattan) is a plastic. And not everyone wants to sit on "plastic furniture". Special seat pads are also required, which are often not so well padded. The seat pads should also be weatherproof or must always be stowed away rainproof after use.

Other materials for garden furniture: wood, aluminum, metal, rattan, plastic and combinations.

Where does the term "outdoor lounge furniture" come from?

The term "lounge" comes from the areas of "hotel lobby", "waiting room", "lounge", "bar". A lounge is a room with a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable furniture. VIP passengers at airports or guests of first-class hotels enjoy e.g. B. in special lounges your stay in a representative feel-good atmosphere.

The term "outdoor lounge furniture" is derived from comfortable, comfortable, well-padded and excellently designed indoor lounge furniture, lounge chairs and lounge sofas.

Outdoor lounge furniture is: "Particularly high-quality, exclusive, comfortable designer furniture that is also weatherproof so that this outdoor furniture can stay outside even in rain, thunderstorm, wind and sunshine without being damaged."

2 examples of exclusive outdoor lounge furniture

Exklusive Loungemöbel Gastronomie Exklusives Balkonsofa als Outdoor Loungemöbel

What are the advantages of designer outdoor lounge furniture from april-furniture?

The designer Florian Asche has succeeded in completely covering individual outdoor armchairs, corner modules and garden stools with a particularly resistant, water-repellent and stain-resistant fabric.

This made it possible to upholster the outdoor furniture just as comfortably as indoor lounge furniture. At the same time, a timelessly minimalist furniture design could be realized that is more reminiscent of design classics than of "garden furniture". A discerning group of customers in particular appreciates the timeless design so that they can spend equally comfortable and representative hours on the balcony, terrace, roof terrace, in the garden or by the pool in the outdoor area.

Additional advantages of the designer garden furniture from april furniture: In addition to the minimalist design and comfortable upholstery, the lounge garden furniture by the designer is also particularly durable and requires little maintenance.

The exclusive lounge garden furniture from april furniture is extremely UV-resistant, 100% weatherproof and water-repellent. The skin-friendly, cotton-like fabric is stain-resistant, easy to clean and can withstand strong sunlight without fading. The designer outdoor furniture from april furniture requires little maintenance, can stay outside even in winter and, as a "design classic", is always modern!

Put your outdoor lounge set together the way you need it.
At april furniture you can choose from 3 different outdoor furniture sets:

Outdoor lounge set LOOP

Outdoor lounge set LOOPY

Outdoor lounge set JAM

Each set consists of a corner module, an armchair module and a lounge chair module. All modules can be combined as required. So you can put together your lounge garden furniture according to the occasion and the space available. Whether a balcony sofa, two balcony sofas, a long outdoor sofa or several lounge groups - everything is possible.
What is the big advantage of lounge garden furniture sets?

The individual modules of lounge chairs, lounge corners and lounge stools open up almost infinite combination options. Whether as a 2-seater balcony sofa, as a 12-part lounge group or as lounge garden furniture individually grouped around a table - the modules do not fix you and you can arrange the outdoor furniture as required. Do you have a reception? A pool party? Or do you just want to enjoy the evening outdoors? With the high-quality outdoor lounge furniture from April furniture you are well equipped for any eventuality!

Whether it is a winding garden or a huge terrace - you can simply assemble the exclusive outdoor garden furniture into any seating group, lounge sets and garden furniture.

Garden lounge furniture for exclusive garden lounges

Whether you want to buy a chic lounge sofa, a lounge chair, lounge stool, a lounge corner or a complete garden lounge, in our online shop you will find a large selection of exclusive designer garden furniture that meets the highest requirements.

In contrast to rattan wicker lounges and outdoor furniture with an aluminum frame, the designer garden furniture from april furniture is covered with a soft, weatherproof fabric. High-quality upholstery also enables excellent seating comfort.

Overview of our design garden furniture


Our outdoor lounge furniture

corner element JAM corner element JAM
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lounge chair JAM lounge chair JAM
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garden stool JAM garden stool JAM
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lounge corner LOOP lounge corner LOOP
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lounge seat LOOP lounge seat LOOP
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lounge stool LOOP lounge stool LOOP
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lounge chair LOOPY lounge chair LOOPY
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