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color fabrics:

Farbe Stoffe

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SHANGRILA Sunshade Features

The SHANGRILA sunshade is unique in the sunshade segment. In essence, it is a combination of sunshade and awning. The SHANGRILA sunshade fabric panels can be moved according to the course of the sun. Even high-quality sunshades can only be adjusted to a limited degree. By contrast the SHANGRILA sunshade protects from morning as well as evening sun. The movable fabric panels of weatherproof acrylic fabric can remain in the outdoor area all year long. The sunshade also protects from the wind and the unwanted view of neighbours. The ceiling can be moved to the wall in a second. Only a few steps are necessary for it. The sunshade can also be used against light rain.


Designer: Florian Asche, 2010

Material Color:

Farben Gartenmöbel April-Furniture



Vermassung Gartensegel Shangrila

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SHANGRILA sunshade design

The design of the sunshade is elegant and reduced to the essential. The design of sunshades and awnings has hardly changed for years. A modern form is quasi not to be found. Hence the SHANGRILA sunshade thus stands out particularly. Its form is timeless and modern. The rounded rectangular tube of stainless steel suits almost every surrounding in exterior spaces. There is space for the sunshade even on small terraces or balconies. The sunshade is always enrichment to the garden or terrace.

Durability of the SHANGRILA sunshade

The materials used for the SHANGRILA sunshade are all particularly durable. Stainless steel is almost indestructible. The frame is manufactured from 40 x 20 mm strong rectangular tubes. The material has wall strength of 2 mm and is thus very stable. Sunbrella Company fabrics are the market leader in high-quality outdoor fabrics. There are no outdoor fabrics that are more durable. They have been used for the high sea segment for many years.

Sizes and colours of the SHANGRILA sunshade

The SHANGRILA sunshade is offered with standard dimensions of 3 x 3 metres and a height of 2.30 metres. These dimensions are excellently suited to putting a large outdoor lounge under them. There is also space for outdoor tables for up to 10 persons under them. For most uses in outdoor spaces, these dimensions are highly suitable. However, variable sizes are also possible for a surcharge. Currently the sunshade is available in the colours beige, grey as well as red. Special colours are also possible on request.

Weight and packaging of the SHANGRILA sunshade

In the standard 3 x 3 metre size the SHANGRILA sunshade weighs 85 kg. It is delivered in a cardboard box 3.10 metres long. At least two people as well as a ladder are necessary to assemble it. The first assembly takes about an hour. Dismantling or re-assembling it later is possible in about half an hour.

Wind resistance of the SHANGRILA sunshade

Wind conditions vary depending on every location. In many places wind gusts can occur, which are difficult to calculate. Due to its four legged structure and the tubes which run on the ground, the SHANGRILA sunshade has a stable stand compared to conventional sunshades. Both fabric panels are steered in the frame, however not permanently fixed. Hence if a wind comes up they can move so that the entire force of the wind is not transferred to the frame. If used properly the sunshade can remain open or be affixed to the upper round metal stator with the fixing clips delivered with it up to wind force 4 (moderate breeze, 20–28 km/h). At wind forces higher than 4 the panels should be rolled up and affixed to the upper round metal stator with the fixing clips delivered with it. If the weather is stormy the panels should be dismounted and securely stored as with other sunshades. The frame must be storm-proof secured on the ground or to a railing. If this is not possible, then the frame must be dismounted and securely stored in the event of a storm. There are drill holes in the pipes that run on the ground (tubes) in order to secure the sunshade (See Ill. 5+6 Attachment to Timber Frame). Since there are different undergrounds an optimum attachment must be individually determined.

Assembly of the SHANGRILA sunshade

The assembly of the SHANGRILA sunshade takes about an hour. About half of this time is needed to take the protective films off of the stainless steel parts. The assembly is quickly accomplished by two people. Assembly instructions as well as a short film serve as guidance. The film can be found at Furthermore two stools or ladder frames are also needed to mount it. Before the assembly the exact position should be clear. With a weight of 85 kilogrammes, the sunshade can be moved afterwards, but it 3 x 3 metre dimensions make it a bit cumbersome.

The SHANGRILA sunshade is sun protection which elegantly combines sunshade and awning. You can buy SHANGRILA in the colours beige, grey and red in our online shop.

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