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Lounge chair outdoor

Exclusive outdoor armchair with a touch of luxury

Lounge chair outdoor for the highest demands

Those who like to celebrate stylishly in their own garden with family and friends, relatives and acquaintances will find, among other things, a selection of wonderful outdoor lounge chairs in the april furniture online shop.

The offer from the Frankfurt specialist for elegant design outdoor furniture leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to an exclusive outdoor lounge chair for the highest demands. This allows cozy corners in sheltered places to be turned into chic places for a cultivated and cultivated stay.

The outdoor lounge chairs owe the simple elegance of these unique pieces and their noble character to the renowned designer Florin Asche, who, in addition to a fascinating look, attaches great importance to high functionality in his designs.

The garden lounge furniture from april furniture is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as a lounge sofa or lounge seating group thanks to the high level of seating comfort.

Another special feature of the garden armchairs: You can combine our outdoor lounge armchairs with any set of any size. Whether 2-seater sofa, 4-seater outdoor lounge or 10-seater garden lounge - the outdoor lounge chair can be set up individually or arranged as a balcony sofa.

 Wetterfeste Luxus Gartenmöbel auf Balkon am Pool  Luxus Outdoormöbel auf Terrasse

Lounge chair outdoor by april furniture: high quality and exclusive design

The outdoor lounge chairs from april furniture not only impress with their stylish appearance. The excellent quality and the almost complete immunity of the covers against wind and weather make them undemanding garden furniture that can be left outside all year round.

You can currently choose from 3 different garden lounge chairs:

Garden lounge chair LOOP

Garden lounge chair LOOPY

Garden lounge chair JAM

While with ordinary armchairs and chairs made of polyrattan, for example, you have to bring the seat cushions to a safe place whenever it rains, the exclusive outdoor lounge armchairs from april furniture defy storm and rain as well as snow and hail.

The extremely comfortable upholstery is particularly skin-friendly and absolutely waterproof. These details are unmistakable features of the high quality standards of designer Florian Asche.

What should you look for when buying a garden lounge chair?

If you are looking for an outdoor armchair for outdoors, you should opt for a robust, easy-care, high-quality upholstered relaxation armchair to enjoy wonderfully relaxed holiday flair on your own terrace or in the garden in summer.

Tip: The outdoor lounge furniture and terrace furniture from april furniture not only impress with their exclusive design, but also with their high practicality. In contrast to a rattan lounge or polyrattan lounge and garden furniture made of teak, plastic, metal and wood, the garden lounge furniture from april furniture is completely covered with a weatherproof, stain-resistant, cotton-like fabric. This means that our garden lounge chairs can easily be left outside all year round. Our garden lounge armchairs are available in different total heights, total depths and total widths.

The individual garden lounge sets consist of the individual modules armchair, stool and sofa corner, which can be combined as desired into balcony sofas or sun islands or used individually. The garden furniture sets give you flexibility in the spatial use of your outdoor area.

Our service: Free and non-binding advice

You can choose between 12 subtle colors for the covers. As with all outdoor garden furniture from april furniture, our garden lounge chairs are also real unique items directly from the designer.

Its ambitions and the exclusive production in a German manufactory give - together with the high quality - our outdoor lounge chair the touch of luxury that our customers appreciate so much.

Our detailed, free advice is also appreciated and gladly used by our discerning furniture customers.

You can reach our service hotline at 069-247 568 92 0. You can contact us via mobile on 0174-985 505 8 and we are at your disposal by email at

Lounge chair outdoor as a module of a lounge furniture set

If you are looking for an outdoor lounge chair, you usually don't just want a garden chair, but a set of 2, a set of 3 or a multi-seat balcony sofa with a side table.

For maximum flexibility on the terrace and in the outdoor garden, the outdoor lounge furniture from april furniture consists of the 3 basic modules lounge chair (with backrest), lounge upholstered stool (without backrest) and lounge corner (sofa corner element with backrests).

In contrast to the usual poly rattan lounges, which are usually firmly connected to each other, our 3 basic modules lounge chair, lounge stool and lounge corner - like puzzle stones - can be arranged in any combination of lounge sets, lounge landscapes or lounge islands.

For example, the outdoor lounge chairs can be placed on the balcony as a garden lounge chair set of 2, a garden lounge chair set of 3 or as a stand-alone garden chair.

In contrast to a simple poly rattan garden armchair with seat pads, an outdoor lounge chair from april furniture offers a very comfortable cushion, like indoor lounge chairs. Several garden lounge chairs can be arranged as a lounge set around a table or as a garden sofa.

"Outdoor lounge chair" feel-good object

Anyone who has one of our outdoor lounge chairs on the balcony or in the garden enjoys the most beautiful way to feel good in the open air. Our design garden armchairs offer a high level of comfort. Thanks to the complete covering with water-repellent cover fabrics, the outdoor sofa armchairs are weatherproof and superbly upholstered.

The quality of the Sunbrella fabric can easily approach that of indoor fabrics. Our new lounge furniture and armchairs for the outdoor area are often used outdoors because they are practical and comfortable. The design garden armchairs from april furniture cut a fine figure on every balcony and in every garden. You are welcome to get personal advice!

Lounge Outdoor Chairs

All those who like to have dinner or breakfast on the balcony will also find special outdoor dining chairs in the april furniture online shop. The seat of this lounge outdoor chair is slightly higher, like a garden chair, so that you can sit comfortably at the outdoor balcony table.

On the other hand, the lounge dining chairs for the outdoor area are weatherproof, covered with fabric and excellently upholstered. Our Lounge Outdoor Chairs are ideal for socializing while eating or playing with friends and family.

In addition, april furniture supplies matching tables, garden chairs, lounge cushions, designer sun loungers and much more.

Whether you want to buy a weatherproof garden chair, garden armchair, side table, awning or an exclusive outdoor garden lounge online, at april furniture you will find outdoor lounge furniture of the highest quality and functionality. In contrast to the poly rattan furniture, the weatherproof lounges are completely covered with a pleasant fabric.

All outdoor lounge furniture is available in different designs and many attractive colors (gray, black, blue, red, rose, beige, ...)


Free Shipping

You can conveniently order our outdoor lounge chair and the other designer garden furniture online or in one of our outlets and have them delivered within a few days. Particularly advantageous: our free shipping throughout Germany.


Lounge garden furniture sets

corner element JAM corner element JAM
From €2,090.00 *
lounge chair JAM lounge chair JAM
From €1,890.00 *
garden stool JAM garden stool JAM
From €1,590.00 *
lounge corner LOOP lounge corner LOOP
From €1,790.00 *
lounge seat LOOP lounge seat LOOP
From €1,590.00 *
lounge stool LOOP lounge stool LOOP
From €1,290.00 *
lounge chair LOOPY lounge chair LOOPY
From €1,690.00 *
From €1,190.00 *
From €4,350.00 *